Brown’s Communications goal is to provide the highest quality products and services in support of our Mission Critical and Private Sector Partners. With locations in Maryland and Mississippi we continue to maintain our commitment to excellence and integrity. With 24-hour technical support and certified technicians and installers Brown’s Communications is a leader in Telecommunications, Networking and IT Technologies.

We are fortunate to have senior technicians that have been with us since the very beginning.

Brown’s has been a service provider for local governments across the State of Maryland, including Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Howard County, the City of Baltimore, the City of Hagerstown and many others for technology projects and including the wireless, broadband, voice, data, network and other business process improvement tasks and projects. Brown’s has continued to evolve and grow in size and scope since its formation and has developed professional relationships with public safety, airports, security and IT customers throughout the state of Maryland.

Two-Way Radio Services and Support

Brown's sells and services two-way radios and systems that are the perfect solution for all communication needs that arise in your organization.  From contractors and first responders to construction companies and schools, the best two-way radios provide the radio communication and productivity that are vital to success.  These two-way radio systems improve efficiency and increase safety by keeping public safety teams, commercial users and public institutions in touch during emergencies and in day-to-day operations. 

BroadBand Solutions

Brown's designs, installs and maintains modern fiber optic-based broadband solutions that help communities provide access to affordable broadband service and access to technologies and devices necessary to use the internet.  We partner with many broadband infrastructure device and solution manufacturers to align the best solutions based on our customers' needs.

Network Solutions

Brown's professional network installation provides fast and secure connections for optimal operation and safety of your organization or business.  We guarantee fast and reliable network systems with our first-rate cabling services.  Brown's supports voice, video, and data networks in environments ranging from small businesses to learning institutions to large industrial facilities.  Our experts handle every aspect of network deployment, from the design and installation of a completely new network to simply extending a demarc to an existing network.

Security Camera and Access Control

Brown’s sells and install some of the most advanced, digital network cameras that offer superb pictures and reliability under some of the harshest environments and climates. These camera systems usually integrate with Brown’s access control systems which feature: • Fast, reliable touchless access control • Readers that support mobile, keycards, fobs, RFID and Apple Watch, etc. • Intuitive, open software platform with remote management, dynamic access permissions, and real-time customizable reporting • Powerful safety features including occupancy tracking, video surveillance management, and emergency lockdown triggers • Scalable hardware and software that secures a single entry or an entire multisite enterprise with ease • Future-proof hardware and software with automatic updates and encryption at every level.

Professional AV Installation and Support

Brown’s offers audio-visual installation services for commercial and educational facilities nationwide. Our network of professional installers can service a single location or coordinate jobs at branches on a national scale, while Brown’s serves as your only point of contact. TV Mounting and Setup– Our techs mount a variety of TVs, such as LCD and plasma. Typical installs feature wall or ceiling mounts. Brown’s also offers custom-mounting solutions. Digital Signage Services – Consultation, installation, programming, and maintenance of indoor and outdoor digital signage. Brown’s can serve as your local point of contact or your national coordinator. Speaker Installation Services – Speaker installation services include surround-sound installation, multi-room-control setups, and public-address systems for commercial environments. Smart Board & Interactive Classroom Installation Services – We bring classrooms into the 21st century with interactive whiteboards, digital presenters, and document cameras, such as those produced by SMART Technologies and Promethean. Videoconferencing Installation Services – Our expertise with networking and audio-visual installations combine to provide first-rate videoconferencing installation solutions. From installation to set-up we can do it all. Paging Systems and Public Address – Full range of services for overhead paging systems and public address systems for retail or corporate environment.